7 Best Web Development Courses To Advance In Career

Web development is a booming industry, especially in the US. With more and more businesses going online, web developers are in high demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of web developers will grow 23% from 2020 to 2030 – that’s faster than the average for all occupations!

In addition, it’s not just the demand that’s exciting – it’s the earning potential too. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a web developer in the US is $82,438 per year. And if you’re based in a major tech hub like Silicon Valley, you could earn over six figures. With a shortage of skilled web developers to meet the growing demand, it’s a lucrative career option worth considering.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in web development, it’s important to have the right skills and knowledge. That’s where the best web development courses come in. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer looking to upskill, there are a variety of courses available to help you master the latest web technologies and stay competitive in this rapidly evolving field.

What are Web Development Courses?

Web development courses are designed so you can study a wide range of programming languages from the comfort of your home. These courses are a great alternative to 4-year degrees. 

Moreover, these courses are taught by instructors and are divided into easy-to-follow sections so you can learn theoretical knowledge and then end up doing a hands-on project which will give you practical insights. These website development courses are a great way for beginners to enter the field and for those already in the field to polish their skills.

Why Should You Enroll in a Web Development Course?

Web development courses are a great way to immerse yourself in the field without completing a 4-year degree. It is more cost-efficient and has the additional advantage of flexible learning hours. These courses are self-paced and so you can do it on your time without feeling like it is a burden. 

Career Advancement: The industry of web development is rapidly expanding, and qualified individuals are in high demand. Individuals interested in a career in web development may benefit from taking courses in the field.

Personal Development: Web development is a field that encourages both. One’s problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical abilities can all benefit from taking web development courses.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs might benefit from taking web development courses by learning how to design and maintain their own websites and construct online applications from scratch.

Passion for Technology: Web development is a rewarding and exciting profession for those who have a passion for technology and enjoy developing website applications. Learning web development through formal education can help people transform their interests into lucrative careers.

Now that you know exactly why web development certifications are great, let’s look into some of the best ones you can enrol in.

List of the 7 Top Notch Web Development Courses to Learn Online in 2023

  1. Web Development Certificate Program by Cornell 
  2. Web Development Course by Codecademy
  3. Front End Web Developer By Mozilla Network
  4. Web Development Programming for Everybody by Coursera & University of Michigan
  5. Introduction to Web Development by the University of California
  6. Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by Coursera and IBM)
  7. Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS by Udemy

7 Top Rated Web Development Courses To Kickstart Your Career

It can be hard to choose the best online web development program from what seems like a daunting task to perform. Fortunately, there are multiple resources available which you can benefit from. 

1. Web Development Certificate Program by Cornell – Ecornell 

 best web development courses

This is the best web development course for beginners because it will teach you the basics of both front and back-end development and prepares you to make sense of the technology we rely on every day. 

This course will strengthen your knowledge of contemporary web-based applications by writing simple, modular programmes of increasing complexity using a wide range of languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, JSON, and SQL.

Learn from Grimmelmanno, who earned both a Juris Doctor (JD) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees from prestigious institutions. Having previously held faculty positions at New York Law School, Georgetown, and the University of Maryland, he joined Cornell Tech in 2016.

This course is 2 weeks long, completely online, and is led by the instructor. The course is best for aspiring web developers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, and any other professional interested in strengthening problem-solving skills and better understanding technology fundamentals. 

The course is priced at $790/month, the program only requires basic knowledge of web development. 

2. Web Development Course by Codecademy – Codeacademy

second most recommended web development course from the list designed for beginners

This is our second most recommended web development course from the list designed for beginners who want to start their learning journey in both front, and back-end web development. By the end of this course, you will be able to create a web app from scratch.

This is a purely online website programming course that can be completed at your own pace. This web development program will help you learn HTML 5 to style a website, help you gain knowledge of JavaScript, learn the command line, discover Git & GitHub, and build front-end applications with React.

Unfortunately, there were no instructor details mentioned on the website. 

Overall, the course is packed with insights, which are great for anyone looking to get into the field of web development. The best part is that the web development certification is absolutely free and has no prerequisites, so even beginners can benefit from it. 

3. Web Development Course for Front End Web Developer By Mozilla Network – Developermozila

best course to learn web development from scratch

This is our third-best course to learn web development from scratch because it covers everything from beginner to advanced level. This course is online and self-paced and has been developed by Mozilla professionals. 

The topics covered in this program are basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web tooling that is used to facilitate modern client-side web development. You can cover all this in a month if you are able to give it enough time, as each section of the course requires around 20 hours. 

Sadly, details about the instructor were unavailable, but we still felt that the course was worth mentioning since it is extremely in-depth. 

This is another free course that you can benefit from and that requires no prior experience or knowledge. If you’re a beginner, this course should be your ideal choice. 

4. Web Development Programming for Everybody – Coursera & University of Michigan

This is an advanced-level web development course, which makes it an ideal option for professionals seeking to enhance their skills. The program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Python, including the storage, retrieval, and calculation of data using variables and programming constructs such as loops and functions. No prior experience is required for enrollment in this comprehensive course.

Overall, the course will take you 19 hours to complete and is completely online. The best part is that you can do this course at your own pace. 

This course is taught by Charles Severance, a clinical professor at the University of Michigan School of Information. He is the author of many books, such as Python for Everybody and Using Google App Engine. Specifically, his interests lie in how to construct LMSs like Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard, and ANGEL.

The course is priced at $49 per month, the program also has the option of financial aid, which will help save some bucks.

5. Introduction to Web Development – University of California

With flexible deadlines and a completely online web development course

This online beginners level program is perfect for anyone looking to learn about web development from scratch. With flexible deadlines, and a completely online set up, you can complete this course easily in 22 hours. 

This course will teach you the fundamentals of web design, including how to describe the web’s structure and functionality, build dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, apply core programming concepts when building HTML forms, choose a suitable web hosting service, and publish your pages online for the world to see.

This program is a great opportunity to learn from Dan Randall, who has worked in the software development sector, specializing on software modernization, for over 25 years. His background is in software engineering and information technology. 

Like the previous course, this one is also priced at $49 per month and has the option of financial aid. If you are a beginner looking for the perfect course, then this should be one of your top picks. 

6. Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by Coursera and IBM)

accredited web development course is great for beginners who are new to the field of programming

This accredited web development course is great for beginners who are new to the field of programming. The course will help you create and structure basic web pages using HTML and style them with CSS. You will also be able to use JavaScript to make dynamic web pages with interactive features. 

The completely online, self-paced program will take you 12 hours to complete. 

Learn from Upkar Lidder, a senior software engineer who has worked in IT development for more than a decade. He has held positions of leadership in both functional and technical areas and has extensive knowledge of full stack.

If you are a beginner looking to become a web developer, this course will be perfect for you. Like other Coursera courses, you can avail yourself of this one by paying $49 per month with the option of financial aid.

7. Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS – Udemy

Learn web development through this information-packed course by Udemy, which offers insights on important CSS concepts such as the box model, positioning schemes, inheritance, and solving selector conflicts. 

You will learn about a web design framework with easy-to-use rules and guidelines for designing eye-catching websites. You will also learn how to plan, sketch, design, build, test, and improve the performance of a professional website.

The course is led by Jonas Schmedtmann, a Udemy Top instructor who enjoys making things from scratch. He is a full-stack web developer and designer who holds a Master of Science in Engineering and has been making websites and apps professionally since 2010.

The whole course is online and has 37.5 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, and 16 resources that can be downloaded. You can complete this fully online class at your own pace. 

The course is in demand for web development, so make sure to try it out for as low as USD 13.99. What a catch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a web developer course worth it?

Yes! Earning a certificate in web development can help you gain the marketable skills that companies need, provide you access to better job openings, and increase your earning potential, so it’s safe to say that it’s a good idea to do so.

Is web development a high-paying job?

Yes.The best web developer jobs can pay up to $165,500 per year. The field is a lucrative one, as web developers are increasingly in demand and organizations are readily compensating individuals for their efforts. 

What eligibility is required to join Web Development courses?

There are no eligibility criteria to become a web developer. You can start off in the field with little to no experience. However, if you want to land a job as a web developer, you must know how to code, as it is the foundation of the job.

How long does it take to become a web developer?

It takes 4 years to complete a degree program in computer science or programming at the university level. However, if you take up a course or a boot camp, you may be able to become a certified web developer in a few weeks, depending on the length of a course or bootcamp. 

Can I learn web development in 5 months?

Generally, you need no more than 5 to 18 months to gain the requisite skills. After this brief term, you can start your career in web development. However, there are certain bootcamps that can be completed within 10 weeks.


Are you looking to become a web developer and wondering where to start? Look no further than the best web development courses available online! Finding the best web development courses can be a daunting task, and that’s where Know It Get It comes in. Taking this decision might be confusing, so make sure you are checking all the boxes for yourself. The bottom line remains that you should walk away with great insights related to web development.

Check out the web development course by Codecademy, which is perfect for beginners who are looking to kick start their journey in the field of web development. The course curriculum is well- defined with stellar reviews by students. Make sure to check it out!

If you are interested in the field, we recommend you to check out How to Become a Web Developer and What Does a Web Developer Do so you can truly immerse yourself in web development. 

Enroll now and get one step closer to becoming a web developer!