7 Best Fintech Courses Fueled by Finance Knowledge

Fintech, short for financial technology, refers to the use of technology to provide innovative financial solutions and services. It is a rapidly growing industry providing new opportunities for both businesses and consumers. With the emergence of Fintech, the financial industry has become more accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone.

According to recent reports, the Fintech industry is expected to grow significantly at the rate of 25% annually. Moreover, Fintech professionals earn higher than other sectors in the industry,, making it an attractive career option. The average salary for Fintech professionals in the US is around $123,500 in 2023.

The career opportunities in Fintech are vast, ranging from software development and data analytics to business development and more. Fintech professionals can work in startups, established financial institutions or even start their own ventures. Rapid growth and the continuous need for innovation have created numerous job opportunities for Fintech professionals.

In this blog, we will explore the best Fintech courses available that provide the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the industry. We have recommended high-quality courses for people of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.  By the end of this blog, readers will have a clear understanding of which one is the best fit for their career goals.

Let’s dive in!

List of 7 Top-Notch Fintech Courses to Rise to the Top

  1. Masterclass & Introduction to Fintech
  2. FinTech for Financial Inclusion Tools and Technologies
  3. FinTech Online Short Course
  4. Rotman FinTech: Future of Payments
  5. Fintech 360
  6. Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology Specialization
  7. FinTech for Finance and Business Leaders

Our Criteria to Choose the Top Courses for FinTech

When choosing the top courses for FinTech, we use a set of criteria to ensure we recommend only the best options to our readers. Here are the key pointers we consider:

Eligibility criteria: We looked at the prerequisites for each course to ensure that it’s suitable for the intended audience, whether beginners or advanced level students.

Course curriculum: We evaluated the depth and breadth of the content covered, including the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the FinTech industry.

Teaching methodologies: We examined the teaching methodologies used by the bootcamp, including hands-on exercises, case studies, and group projects, to provide students with practical experience.

The reputation of the bootcamp: We reviewed the reputation of the course, including its history, success rate, and industry recognition, to ensure its credibility and legitimacy.

Instructors rating: We looked at the qualifications and experience of the instructors, as well as student feedback, to ensure the quality of the teaching and guidance provided.

Cost: We evaluated the value for money of each course, taking into account its duration, content, and job prospects, to ensure it’s affordable and worthwhile.

Job placement: We assessed the bootcamp’s success rate in placing its graduates in relevant job positions in the FinTech industry.

Career support: We reviewed the career support services offered by the course, such as resume and interview preparation, networking events, and mentorship programs, to ensure students have the necessary resources to advance their careers in FinTech.

By considering these key pointers, we aim to provide our readers with an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the best FinTech courses available.

Detailed Review of Top-Rated Online FinTech Courses

1. Masterclass & Introduction to Fintech-Popular Fintech Course

Udemy Fintech course

The course is a comprehensive program suitable for beginners and advanced-level students alike. It is an online course with 46 lectures that lasts a total of 9 hours and 39 minutes. The course offers in-depth content on digital banking and Fintech, including banking business models, digital banking systems architecture and technology enablers like Big Data and APIs. 

Students will learn skills like developing strategies for key digital banking functionality, working with delivery teams to build digital banking experiences for millions of users globally, and understanding the application of cutting-edge digital banking and Fintech to the real world. These practical exercises allow students to gain hands-on experience.

The instructor, Rian Chapman, is a Senior Digital Product Manager at a top 100 bank who has worked in a variety of roles globally across projects, transformation, risk, compliance, products, and digital involving 20m+ customer bases. He offers Q&A sessions with students, detailed lecture summaries, assignments, and curated resources to help progress your knowledge.

Students have given the course a 4.5 out of 5 ratings, with 3,276 ratings, and 11,382 students enrolled. This speaks to the effectiveness of the course. The course is priced at $16.99, making it excellent value for money. Students receive a certification on completion which can be added to their resume or shared on LinkedIn to showcase their skills.

The feedback from students who have attended this bootcamp has been exceptional, with the following two reviews, in particular, standing out:

“This course is amazing, I had no idea what Fintech was, and this course just simplifies it. A lot of jargon to learn, but the information taught is succinct and direct.“


“This is an exceptional course. Very detailed and thorough immersion in the Banking and Fintech world. 

Rian’s presentation is super clear and in-depth, not to mention entertaining and educational.

I really loved the course and am very involved in the classes like never before.

Thank you.”

Join today to kickstart your career in this lucrative field!

2. FinTech for Financial Inclusion Tools and Technologies

Udemy Fintech Course

This online fintech course is suitable for individuals who have a basic understanding of the financial services industry and want to learn about the use of technology and important tools of Financial Inclusion. The course has a short and little commitment of 4 hours and a 1-minute total length, making it suitable for those with a busy schedule. 

The course covers topics like FinTech pillars, Pillars of Financial Inclusion, Identity, Saving, Credit, Measuring Financial Inclusion, and Payment Processing. It is designed for individuals who want to learn about the use of technology and gain practical insights and knowledge about financial inclusion, including its design, delivery, awareness, and progress.

Students receive a certificate upon completion, which can be added to the resume to stand among a competitive pool of candidates. The program is priced at $16.99, making it an excellent value for money and easily affordable.

The instructor of the course is the Global Financial Inclusion Academy, a one-stop platform to learn about different aspects of financial inclusion, including technology, responsible, inclusive finance, microfinance, MFI, new developments, policies, SDGs, and everything related to Financial Inclusion. The academy has an excellent instructor rating of 5.0.

Enrol today and gain practical insights that will help you succeed in the financial inclusion domain!

3. FinTech Online Short Course – Best Online Fintech Course

Fintech Short Course

The six-week course is an excellent choice for senior management professionals, financial professionals, and business decision-makers who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving FinTech industry. It utilizes innovative pedagogical approaches pioneered by Harvard Business School, including the Case Method Approach used in on-campus programs.

The course provides expert guidance and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector and a holistic understanding of the technologies and innovations set to shape the future of finance and business. During the six-week program, learners will gain clarity on the speculation and hype of the FinTech landscape and the ability to assess the future of FinTech critically.

The program provides practical exercises to gain hands-on experience and network with like-minded professionals through an additional conference week and unlimited access to 2U’s Career Engagement Network. The course is a bit pricey at $1,876 USD, but it is offered by Harvard, leading to an increased likelihood for students to be appointed to top firms.

Learners will earn a premier certificate from Harvard’s Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL) in association with HarvardX, validating their FinTech knowledge. The course is led by experienced faculty members such as Lauren Cohen and Christopher Malloy, who share their in-depth knowledge and experience throughout the course.

This course has received high praise from its attendees, with one review, in particular, expressing their satisfaction:

This course was totally worth it. The live case studies were very interesting and useful and, being actual cases, only made studying livelier. The tutors were very friendly, but the best part was the actual interaction with classmates from all around the world. Learning has never been this motivating, and learning from each other’s experiences was very valuable.

Lisa Sam

Director, A.C. Management Limited

Enrol now and kickstart your career in the fast-evolving field!

4. Rotman FinTech: Future of Payments – Top Fintech Course

This program is an excellent choice for business decision-makers and senior management who want an in-depth understanding of FinTech innovations within the payment ecosystem. It lasts six weeks long and requires a time commitment of six to eight hours per week, making it suitable for busy professionals. It’s entirely online, providing maximum flexibility for participants. 

This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, from blockchain technology and decentralized finance to practicalities and laws surrounding international payments. You’ll learn to identify ways to implement and manage customer-centric payment solutions and formulate a business model that leverages open banking initiatives. 

Rotman Fintech Course

Students will explore the most prominent developments and innovations in payments and gain a better understanding of the risks, opportunities, business applications, and legal challenges within the payment space. The program provides a certificate of professional achievement from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto upon completion.

While the program has a steep price tag of $1,854 USD, it is a great value for money. Additionally, students can look into the financing options available. The instructors, led by Faculty Director Andreas Park, are experts in finance and management with in-depth knowledge of the payment space.

Join today and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the changing FinTech landscape.

5. Fintech 360

Fintech 360 Program

This best online fintech course offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of the Fintech industry. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced-level students, providing a broad understanding of Fintech concepts and technologies in just 15 minutes a day. 

The course covers six key Fintech topics, including Fintech foundation, Artificial Intelligence in Finance, Open Banking, Payments, RegTech, and Digital Assets. Students will learn skills such as AI technologies, payment strategies, and digital asset creation. Practical exercises help to gain hands-on experience, with daily bite-sized videos that cover the ‘next big thing in Fintech.

The course is led by dozens of Fintech experts, including CEOs, CIOs, Founders, and experts such as Rob Frohwein and Ayesha Khanna. The instructors bring in-depth knowledge and experience to the course, providing insights into the future of Fintech and regulations through an analysis of real-world innovations and practices.

Students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion, which can be shared on LinkedIn. The course is value for money, costing £600, with flexible payment options available. We highly recommend this course, and our rating for it is 4.5 out of 5.

Students have glowing reviews for this course. Read them for yourself:

My favourite topics have been Payments, Open Finance and RegTech. I have enjoyed the way the instructors conducted the course and the market expertise of all the lecturers who have been invited to speak on certain subjects. Going forward, I really want to continue studying and taking all the specialization courses!


FinTech 360 is an extensive by-sector review of the industry but is easily digestible due to its bite-sized format. I loved the week on AI because of how the complex concepts were explained in an easy-to-understand manner. I also enjoyed the week on Open Banking because of how it combined both technical and business-orientated overviews of the sector.

Enrol now to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to stay at the centre of the digital transformation of finance!

6. Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology Specialization

This online fintech course offered by the University of Pennsylvania is a four-course series designed for beginner-level students who want to learn about financial technologies. The lessons are well-structured and organized according to topics and skill levels. It can be completed at your own pace, with a recommended experience of 1 hour per week over 4 months. 

The series includes topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, investment management, regulation, changing payment methods, robo-advising, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer lending. The program also delves into the modern application of artificial intelligence, InsurTech, and real estate technology, enabling students to gain hands-on experiences.

Upon completion, participants will receive a shareable certificate that they can add to their LinkedIn profile. The instructors Christopher Geczy, Natasha Sarin, Jessica Wachter, Sarah Hammer and David Musto, who are leading the program, are experts in the field of finance and technology, with experience teaching other relevant courses.

 The program has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from over 3,000 student reviews. At a price of $39.99 a month, the program offers excellent value for money, considering the depth of the content and practical exercises offered.

This course has received a wealth of positive feedback from its students, with two specific reviews capturing its impact:

 “To be able to take courses at my own pace and rhythm has been an amazing experience. I can learn whenever it fits my schedule and mood.”


“I directly applied the concepts and skills I learned from my courses to an exciting new project at work.”

Enrol now to gain a competitive edge in using the latest financial innovations!

7. FinTech for Finance and Business Leaders – Best Online Fintech Course

Fintech How to transform your business

This program is designed for business leaders and finance professionals who want to learn the practical skills needed to implement effective cyber security, machine learning, and robotic process automation in the finance function. The program consists of three skill-building courses with a self-paced format that allows participants to progress at their own speed over 3 months.

The program’s content is detailed and covers a range of topics related to financial technologies, including machine learning with Python, managing cyber threats, and intelligent automation. Participants will gain practical skills to effectively implement these skills in the finance function. They will learn to identify, implement, and configure the right solutions for their organizations.

The program is led by five expert instructors, including John Sandall, CEO and principal data scientist of Coefficient, and Narayanan Vaidyanathan, the head of business insights at ACCA. And Tze Chem, the executive director of an international bank.  With a discounted price of $537, this program is an excellent value for money, considering the depth of the content.

This program is highly recommended to anyone looking to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field. Enrol now to transform your finance function and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving field!

Top Rated Fintech Course – FAQs

Which are the best Fintech courses?

There are several highly-rated Fintech courses available from reputable institutions. The best course for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. We highly recommend Udemy’s Masterclass & Introduction to Fintech for beginners and Harvard’s FinTech Online Short Course for advanced students.  

Is a Fintech High-Paying Career?

Yes, Fintech is considered a high-paying career with opportunities for growth and advancement. The average salary for Fintech professionals in the US is around $123,500 in 2023, which is higher than the average salary for other industries.

Is Fintech Certification Worth It?


In conclusion, the world of Fintech is rapidly evolving, and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments to remain competitive in the financial industry. The seven programs we have discussed here are among the best Fintech courses available, covering a wide range of topics and catering to different levels of expertise. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started in Fintech or an experienced professional looking to expand your knowledge, there is a course for you.

From the comprehensive curriculums to the exceptional instructors and job placement opportunities, these courses have been carefully selected to provide you with the best education possible. Not only will you learn valuable skills and knowledge, but you will also gain the confidence to pursue a career in the exciting field of Fintech.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards a rewarding career in Fintech by enrolling in one of the top-rated Fintech courses available!