8 Best Free Web Development Courses You Shouldn’t Miss!

Web development is a constantly growing field, with the number of jobs for web developers projected to grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of the most appealing aspects of working in this sector is the ability to jump right in and start learning. Unlike many occupations that require months or even years of training, studying web development can begin immediately if you have the desire to learn web development and explore the field. 

If you’re interested in getting started in web development, taking the best free web development courses is one of the simplest ways to do so. This type, of course, can provide you with an introduction to the systematic and planned approach to creating a quality website. As a website developer, you’ll need to work behind the scenes to assemble, debug, and run a website, utilizing front-end, back-end, database, and server-dispersed network strategies. 

Moreover, web development offers several tools and platform strategies to developers, and the industry is rapidly expanding. Taking web development courses can help you acquire the skills you need to get started in this field and potentially take advantage of the many job opportunities available.

Why Should You Enroll in Free Web Development Courses?

The simple answer is yes. You can learn web development for free by enrolling in one of the many free online web development courses. These free courses are available on various e-learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity. Read on to learn about the best free web development tools you can access and become a certified web developer

List of the Top Rated Free Web Development Courses to Master the Art of Web Development for Free

  1. Best Free Online Web Development Course – Editor’s Choice
  2. Best Free Online Resource to Learn Web Development Today – Interactive and Engaging Web Development Class
  3. Maximize Your Web Development Skills with Free Course – Accessible and User-Friendly Course for Developers
  4. Learn Website Development for Free – Collaborative and Supportive Class
  5. Free Web Development Course You Can’t Miss – Flexible and self-Paced Course
  6. Free Online Web Development Course – Zero Cost Course
  7. Top Course for Website Developers – Real-World Projects and Challenges
  8. Top Rated free Web Development Course – Reflect the Latest trends and technologies

8 Top NotchFree Web Development Courses of 2023 – Detailed Review

With so many free web developer courses available out there, we have found some amazing ones just for you. Let’s explore some of these in greater detail:

1. Best Free Online Web Development Course – Udemy 

free web development course is perfect for beginners

This free web development course is perfect for beginners who want to learn about setting up a website-based business. Through this free web developer course, you will learn how to apply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, how to design websites, and how to create your own websites. 

You can complete this online web development course easily in 5 hours and 7 minutes. The course is quite popular, as 106,906 students have already benefited from it. You can be the next!

Learn from Laurence Svekis, an experienced web application developer who has worked on several enterprise-level apps, hundreds of websites, business solutions, and unique and creative online apps.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to master web development for free! Enroll now in Udemy’s Best Free Online Web Development Course and unleash your coding potential. With expert-led instruction and engaging projects to develop the skills needed to succeed in this exciting field. Click here to start your learning journey today!

2. Best Free Online Resource to Learn Web Development Today – LinkedIn

free course is great for beginners to learn web development

This free web developer class is great for beginners to learn web development who do not have much prior experience with programming languages. The program is completely online and can be done at your own pace. The best part is that there are no prerequisites, so if you are a beginner, you will love this certification. 

The teacher, Jen Kramer, shows you the basic structures, language, and techniques needed to start writing for the web. Learn how clients, servers, and browsers work so you can plan and prototype websites and understand user experience and user interface better. 

Kramer is a front-end masters author, a LinkedIn Learning author, and a curriculum developer and instructor for HTML, CSS, and no-code and low-code technology. He also offers bootcamps for learning technology.

Join the thousands of successful students who have unlocked their web development potential with top free online web development courses on Udemy. Click now to enroll and take the first step towards your dream career!”

3. Maximize Your Web Development Skills with Free Course -Udemy

introduction to HTML5, the latest version of the HTML

The HTML5 Fundamentals for Beginners course on Udemy is a comprehensive, beginner-friendly introduction to HTML5, the latest version of the HTML language used to create web pages and applications. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of HTML5 and be able to create your own basic web pages.

The course has 4hr 54min of on-demand video, and the best part is that it is completely free. This is one of Stone River eLearning’s best free courses that you can avail of. Currently, they have over 1.3M students to their name. 

This program is taught by Stone River eLearning, which is a highly respected instructor with a tremendous amount of experience in the online learning space. With a total of 926,242 students and glowing reviews from 85,901 satisfied learners, Stone River eLearning has proven to be an exceptional instructor. In addition to teaching web development, the instructor offers a variety of courses to choose from, including ethical hacking courses and how to become a professional graphic designer.

It’s no wonder why over 3 million students are currently taking Stone River eLearning courses. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer looking to take your skills to the next level, Stone River eLearning’s courses provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Plus, with the subscription option available, you can access all of the instructor’s courses at an affordable price.

Ready to start your journey to becoming a professional web developer? Enroll in Stone River eLearning’s top free online web development Course today.

4. Learn Website Development for Free – Udemy

This beginner-friendly free course will help you create your first website from scratch, learn what website development is and what it is made of, and give a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS/CSS3.

This program is super short and can be completed in 1 hour and 11 minutes. You will learn from Bradley Berger, who is a developer, what web developers do, design, and marketing. He focuses on creating well-structured websites that rank well in search engines.

5. Free Web Development Course You Can’t-Miss – Coursera 

This is another free web development course that is designed for beginners who do not have much knowledge about coding languages. This online, instructor-led program will take 40 hours to complete. In this top-rated web development course, you will study the fundamental tools that a developer should be familiar with. 

You’ll start from the ground up, learning how to use HTML and CSS to create modern web pages. Thus, there are no prerequisites to enrolling in this free website development program.

The program is led by Yaakov Chaikin, who works as a principal enterprise architect and software developer for a consulting firm in Columbia, Maryland. 

He has worked on all parts of the software development lifecycle, from figuring out requirements and designing the architecture to putting the software into use with the latest technologies.

6. Free Your Mind and Master Web Development – Coursera

free introductory course on web development

This free introductory course on web development will help you learn the languages and tools a beginner should know to develop a website. This is an online program that is led by a reputable instructor and can be completed in 22 hours

This free website developer class is best for those who want to launch themselves on a route toward future studies in web development and design, regardless of their current level of expertise or technical understanding.

You will get access to some amazing insights from Daniel Randall, who has over 25 years of expertise in software engineering and information technology. He now works in the software development sector, focused on software modernization. He has worked with Sun Microsystems to write the Java Web Services Certification Exam and the training and practice materials that go along with it.

7. Top Course for Website Developers – Udacity 

free intro to backend program

This free intro to Backend program is one of the most authentic free courses you can find online. This course gives an overview of several web backend concepts, such as getting user input, making output based on templates, storing data in databases and data stores, and building systems with secure user accounts.

The course is absolutely online and self-paced and has a timeline that extends to 3 weeks approximately. o excel in this course, proficiency in the programming language Python is essential. Make sure you have a strong grasp of Python, or consider exploring the best Python courses to build a solid foundation before enrolling

This is a great chance to learn from the dynamic Steve Huffman, who has taught for a long time and has great expertise in the field of web development. 

8. Top Rated Free Web Development Course – Codecademy

free online course of web development

Codecademy’s Learn Ruby on Rails course is a self-paced, interactive program designed for the intermediate level. The course covers the basics of web development with Ruby on Rails and includes modules on database management, user authentication, and deployment.

With its user-friendly interface and hands-on approach, you can complete the course in just 10 hours. Best of all, the course is free to access, making it an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning web development. 

With 61,532, the course has received praise for its “Brilliant learning experience.”

Free Web Development Courses – FAQs

Which is the Best Website Development Course for Free?

One of the best free web development courses is offered by Udacity, titled “Intro to Backend bootcamp” The program is packed with information for anyone who wants to explore the website development field from scratch, and an industry expert teaches it. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Free Website Developer Course?

Some free website development courses may take only a few hours to complete, while others may take several weeks or even months.


In a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, web development has become more important than ever before. Websites and web applications have become a central part of how we interact with the world around us, from shopping and socializing to learning and working.

So, whether you’re looking to pursue a career in tech, start your own business, or enhance your digital literacy, learning web development is a crucial step toward achieving your goals.

Dive into one of these free web development courses now and start building your future!