7 Best Ruby on Rails courses To Unlock Your Career Potential

Ruby on Rails offers a plethora of benefits for web application development. Its elegant syntax, robust features, and rapid development capabilities make it a preferred choice for developers worldwide. 

By learning Ruby on Rails, you gain the ability to build innovative and scalable web applications efficiently.

The demand for Ruby on Rails skills continues to soar. Indeed displays an extensive number of 856 job listings for the role of “Ruby on Rails Developer.” These listings feature a wide salary spectrum, starting from $60,000 and reaching as high as $180,000 per annum for positions in Lead development. 

Similarly, on Glassdoor, there are 474 available job opportunities related to Rails, offering a salary range that is comparable in nature.

ruby in rail language

Its simplicity, readability, and productivity have contributed to its ranking among the top programming languages. By mastering Ruby on Rails, you align yourself with a widely respected and sought-after technology.

Our detailed blog delves into the best courses to learn Ruby on Rails available in 2023. These courses offer comprehensive content, practical exercises, and expert guidance from experienced instructors. 

Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to enhance your existing skills, these courses provide a structured learning path to help you achieve your goals. Let’s dive in!

List of Top-Notch Ruby on Rails Courses to Sharpen Your Skills

  1. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial
  2. Ruby for Beginners
  3. Introduction to Ruby on Rails
  4. Learn Ruby from Scratch
  5. Ruby Concurrency for Senior Engineering Interviews 
  6. Ruby on Rails 7
  7. The Complete Developer Course

Our Criteria to Choose the Top rated Ruby on Rails Courses

When selecting the best Ruby on Rails courses, we carefully considered several key factors to ensure that only the best options made it to our list. Our rigorous criteria focused on the following aspects:

Eligibility criteria: We assessed whether the courses were suitable for beginners or if prior programming experience was required, ensuring that learners could find courses tailored to their skill levels.

Course curriculum: We evaluated the depth and comprehensiveness of the course content, looking for courses that covered essential Ruby on Rails concepts, frameworks, and tools.

Teaching methodologies: We considered the instructional methods employed by the courses, including the use of video lectures, interactive exercises, coding assignments, and real-world projects to enhance the learning experience.

The reputation of the program: We took into account the reputation and credibility of the program or platform offering the course, considering factors such as user reviews, industry recognition, and overall track record.

Instructors rating: We considered the qualifications, expertise, and teaching abilities of the instructors delivering the courses, ensuring that learners would receive instruction from experienced professionals.

Cost: We considered the pricing of the courses and evaluated whether the value provided by the course justified the cost, seeking courses that offered a balance between affordability and quality.

Job placement and career support: We looked for courses that provided job placement assistance, career guidance, or access to a strong alumni network to enhance learners’ prospects of finding employment or advancing their careers in the Ruby on Rails field.

Detailed Analysis of the Top Ruby on Rails Courses 

1. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial

suitable for both beginners

This is one of the best programs to learn Ruby on Rails, suitable for both beginners and advanced-level students. The course is presented in an online format, allowing flexibility and convenience in learning. 

Depending on your pace, it’s designed to be completed in a few weeks or months. 

The program has been meticulously crafted to provide you with a comprehensive initiation into the realm of web application development. This encompasses fundamental knowledge in Ruby, Rails, HTML & CSS, databases, version control, testing, and deployment.  

Enrolling in this tutorial means you can expect to gain valuable transferable skills across different technologies. In the Rails Tutorial, there is a strong emphasis on promoting good software development practices. 

As soon as you create your brand new Rails project, one of the first steps is to apply version control using Git. 

Practical exercises play a crucial role in the learning process, as you’ll work on a series of example applications of increasing complexity. It commences with a basic hello application, followed by a slightly more advanced toy application, and concludes with a genuine sample application.

Upon completion of the tutorial, you have the opportunity to obtain a certification, which serves as a testament to your skills and knowledge in web application development with Ruby on Rails. 

The pricing of $39 per month for basic access or $49 per month for all access represents great value for money.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this amazing review for yourself: 

“I must say, this Learn Enough series is a masterpiece of education. Thank you for this incredible work!”

Enroll in the Ruby on Rails Tutorial today and embark on a transformative journey of learning web application development!

2. Best Self-Paced Ruby on Rails Course

best way to learn ruby for beginners

This is an exceptional course for beginner-level students. It is divided into several short videos and can be completed within 5 hours and 50 minutes, making it a time-efficient way of learning. 

Throughout the course,  students are presented with projects that progressively increase in complexity. 

They have the opportunity to build a real-world application from scratch, similar to a Buffer clone, with additional features like authentication, OAuth integration, Twitter’s API integration, and background workers. 

This practical approach allows participants to tackle common development tasks and understand how to implement key functionalities using Ruby on Rails. 

The program also emphasizes interactive coding sessions and encourages learners to engage with the course material actively. Students are guided through the coding process, step by step, by the instructor. 

They can follow along and practice coding techniques in real time, which solidifies their understanding and helps them build confidence in their coding abilities. 

Additionally, the course provides access to a private Discord community and forum where learners can connect with fellow participants and receive support from both their peers and the instructor.

The instructor, Chris Oliver, is a renowned expert in Ruby on Rails and has created various tutorials and tools to help developers enhance their app-building capabilities. Priced at $19 per month, the bootcamp offers great value for money, providing access to over 400 screencasts

Want to know what students think about this course? Check out these comprehensive reviews: 

“Chris, this is amazing. I’ve always been scared of rails because most tutorials don’t explain the magic, but you’ve created easily the best beginner content I’ve ever seen.”


“Awesome – your stuff has always been great for intermediate learners—after they learned 101. This nicely fills the gap.”

Enroll today and kickstart your career in web development today!

3. Introduction to Ruby on Rails: Best Budget-Friendly Ruby on Rails Course

This is an interactive online course that caters primarily to beginners. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, ensuring a deep understanding of the framework. 

It’s divided into 51 lessons and can be covered in 15 hours. This elucidates that the content is in-depth. 

Participants can expect to learn essential skills such as creating and deploying Rails projects, performing CRUD operations, handling user authentication, managing sessions, and writing tests for their applications. 

This will give students the foundations to develop intricate models to enhance their portfolios greatly.

One standout feature of this bootcamp is the inclusion of practical exercises, allowing learners to gain hands-on experience. 

Students can apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and strengthen their concepts through coding challenges and projects. This will culminate with the creation of students’ first Rails application. 

Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion, validating their newfound skills in Ruby on Rails.  

With a price of $59 per month (with an annual discount option), Learn Ruby on Rails offers great value for money. The program grants access to a wealth of resources, including 41 playgrounds and 14 illustrations

While information about the specific instructor is not provided, the testimonials from satisfied learners indicate that students can trust they will be in good hands throughout the course:

You guys are the gold standard of crash courses… Narrow enough that it doesn’t need years of study or a full-blown book to get the gist but broad enough that an afternoon of Googling doesn’t cut it.

Start your free trial now and unlock your potential in Ruby on Rails!

4. Learn Ruby from Scratch

Learn Ruby on rail from Scratch

This is one of the best Ruby on Rails courses for beginners designed for beginners who want to learn programming using Ruby as their first language. 

The course offers a comprehensive depth of content with 124 lessons and can be completed within 12 hours, making it a time-efficient way of learning.

The course lessons are in-depth and comprehensive. The program covers various topics such as variables, built-in classes, objects, conditionals, methods, blocks, and more.

Through interactive illustrations, 3 projects, 31 challenges, several exercises, and 13 quizzes, students can expect to gain hands-on experience and learn idiomatic Ruby.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion, signifying their achievement and proficiency in Ruby programming. It’s reasonably priced at $59 per month, with the option for an annual discount, making it a value-for-money investment. 

Although the instructor’s information is not provided, learners can be assured that they will be guided by experienced professionals who have curated an engaging curriculum.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Ruby and unlock the potential of this powerful scripting language. Start your journey with Learn Ruby from Scratch today!

5. Ruby Concurrency for Senior Engineering Interviews 

course for o engage in hands-on practical exercises

This online program is designed for beginners and advanced students who want to gain advanced knowledge in concurrency and multithreading, specifically tailored for senior engineering interviews. 

Prior familiarity with Ruby basics is recommended, although no prior knowledge of concurrency is required.

With 58 lessons and a duration of 8 hours, the course delves deep into the complexities of concurrency and covers topics such as Monitors, Deferred Callbacks, and popular interview problems like the Reader-Writer Problem and the Dining Philosopher Problem. 

Throughout the course, learners can expect to engage in hands-on practical exercises, honing their skills and gaining valuable experience in implementing solutions to real-world concurrency problems. 

A certificate of completion is offered, validating the mastery of advanced concurrency concepts and enhancing candidates’ credentials for engineering interviews.

Led by CH. Afzal, a seasoned professional with experience at renowned companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Cloudera, and Oracle, the course benefits from an instructor who possesses a wealth of expertise in algorithms, product design, finance, and problem-solving. 

Learners can be confident in receiving guidance from an industry veteran.

With a price of $59 per month and an annual discount option, Ruby Concurrency for Senior Engineering Interviews provides excellent value for money. Enroll in the best Ruby on Rails course for intermediate students now and unlock new career opportunities!

6. Ruby on Rails 7

best course to learn Ruby on Rails

You should enroll in this best course to learn Ruby on Rails. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced-level students. 

The course is delivered online, allowing you to learn conveniently and conveniently. The content dives deep into the core concepts of Rails, providing a comprehensive understanding of the framework. 

You can expect to learn essential skills such as building a complete app from scratch, confidently working with existing Rails apps, improving your coding workflow, and effectively troubleshooting errors.

The program provides a 52-chapter workbook with step-by-step tasks and inlined hints and solutions, providing hands-on experience and further enhancing your learning experience.

On completion, you will receive a certification, validating your skills and knowledge in Rails development. The program is self-paced, allowing for thorough coverage of the material. 

In terms of pricing, the bootcamp offers great value for money at $199, considering the extensive content and hands-on learning opportunities it provides. 

The instructor, Mike, and Nicole Clark, are experienced and passionate about empowering developers. Around 2500 developers have attended their classes in person, and tens of thousands have taken online classes. 

Their proven track record in teaching Rails and other relevant programs makes them highly qualified to guide you through the course.

Attendees of this course have left positive feedback, including two standout reviews that expressed high satisfaction with the program:

“I was almost giving up on Rails. But now I see that the Rails “magic” is totally understandable! This was a major relief and accomplishment, because no other Rails course or book (online or offline) got me going.”


“Thank you very much for this fantastic course! I learned more from your course than the 6 months I spent at a Rails coding bootcamp. I loved the visual representations and the very very clear explanations.”

Take this opportunity to join the program and embark on a journey of growth and proficiency in Rails development.

7. The Complete Developer Course – Best Ruby on Rails Certificate

 program that caters to both beginners and advanced-level students

This is an outstanding program that caters to both beginners and advanced-level students. The program spans a flexible time duration, allowing students to learn at their own pace. 

Whether completing the course in a few weeks or several months, students have access to 250+ lectures and 40+ hours of video content, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Throughout the course, students delve into the depth of the content, covering a wide range of topics such as Ruby programming, object-oriented programming, and the Rails MVC structure. 

The curriculum enables students to rapidly prototype their ideas and transform them into fully functional web applications. 

Students engage in practical exercises and coding assignments that offer real-world applications of the concepts learned. They gain the skills necessary to become professional web application developers. 

Upon completion, students receive a certification validating their expertise. Pricing for the course is affordable and provides excellent value for money at $74.99.

The course is taught by two highly experienced professionals, Rob Percival, and Mashrur Hossain

Rob Percival, a web developer, and teacher, brings his expertise to guide students through the course, while Mashrur Hossain, a technology professional and entrepreneur, offers valuable insights into programming fundamentals and web application development.

Student reviews for this bootcamp have been overwhelmingly positive, with 15,238 ratings averaging at 4.3 out of 5. Check out some of these testimonials for yourself: 

“This course is amazing! I used to study ruby on rails a bit myself, but this lecture helped me to get insight into ruby on rails with great depth. One of the fantastic features about this course is that the contents are taught in a way that solves problems. Therefore I managed to stick a lot of concepts in my head with ease.”


“The course is amazingly paced. And the projects were all really great ways to pickup on skills. The best project for me was the message app, got really into it and ended up using some functionalities by myself which really helped get some experience without handholding. “

Enroll today to unlock your potential, gain practical skills, and embark on a successful Ruby on Rails development career.

Best Ruby on Rails Courses – FAQs

What Is the Most Effective Method to Learn Ruby on Rails?

Engaging in structured learning programs, such as comprehensive online courses or bootcamps, can provide a solid foundation. 

Additionally, actively working on real-world projects and collaborating with other developers in the Ruby on Rails community can further enhance your skills.

Is Learning Ruby on Rails Still Valuable in 2023?

Absolutely! Ruby on Rails continues to be a widely used and respected web development framework in 2023. It offers a range of advantages, including rapid development, strong community support, and a vast ecosystem of libraries and gems. 

Many successful websites and applications, such as Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify, are built using Ruby on Rails. Learning Ruby on Rails can open up exciting career opportunities.

Is Ruby on Rails Difficult to Learn?

Ruby on Rails is known for its developer-friendly nature and ease of use. Its clean syntax, convention-over-configuration principle, and extensive documentation make it relatively accessible for beginners. 

With dedication, practice, and resources available online, mastering Ruby on Rails is attainable for individuals with various levels of programming experience.


In conclusion, exploring the world of Ruby on Rails through the best Ruby on Rails courses can be an exhilarating journey for both aspiring and experienced web developers. 

These courses provide a comprehensive and structured approach to learning this powerful framework, equipping you with the skills needed to build innovative web applications.

Enrolling in these top-notch programs gives you access to expert instructors, hands-on exercises, real-world projects, and a vibrant community of learners. 

The best Ruby on Rails courses ensure that you grasp the fundamental concepts, master the intricacies of the framework, and acquire the confidence to tackle complex web development challenges.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these courses will empower you to unleash your creativity, open doors to exciting job opportunities, and bring your web application ideas to life.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Ruby on Rails today and join the ranks of successful developers who have harnessed the power of this exceptional framework. Enroll now!