6 Best Machine Learning Bootcamps To Start Your Career in 2023

Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computer systems to learn from data and improve their performance. It involves statistical techniques to identify patterns in data and make predictions based on them.

ML has gained significant importance in recent years due to the increasing availability of data and computing power.

Several programs have emerged in recent years that offer specialized training in ML to cater to this demand. The best machine learning bootcamps provide personalized learning experiences, industry-relevant projects, and mentorship from experienced professionals.

The learning outcomes of these best bootcamps vary, but they typically include proficiency in programming languages, knowledge of algorithms and techniques, and the ability to build and deploy ML models. Machine learning engineers can expect competitive salaries, with an average of $182,000.

The demand for ML professionals is projected to grow by almost 40% in the coming years, making it a lucrative career choice. By enrolling in the best bootcamps for machine learning, learners can gain the skills and experience needed to start their careers and take advantage of the numerous opportunities available.

Read our blog on the 6 top-rated machine learning bootcamps to find the perfect program for you!

List of Best Machine Learning Bootcamps to Learn Online

  1. World’s #1 Machine Learning Bootcamp for 2023 – SimpliLearn: It offers a comprehensive program for mastering ML.
  2. Top Rated ML Bootcamps for Your Career – Computer Science Hero: This program provides full-time online education for becoming a Machine learning engineer.
  3. Most Popular Machine Learning Certificate – MIT: This comprehensive online program teaches the foundations of ML.
  4. Machine Learning Bootcamp for Data Science – Flatiron School: This program provides a rigorous curriculum for learning data science and building data-driven projects.
  5. Machine Learning Bootcamp – Springboard: This bootcamp can help you design a machine/deep learning system, build a prototype and deploy a running application that can be accessed via API or web service.
  6. AI Machine Learning Bootcamp – University of Houston: This bootcamp focuses on the primary concepts of Machine Learning, including simple correlation, simple tests, selecting a training data set, cross-validation, and regression models.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best ML (Machine Learning) Bootcamps in 2023

We considered several criteria to ensure that learners receive high-quality training and valuable learning experiences:

  • Eligibility criteria: We looked at the eligibility criteria of each machine learning bootcamp to ensure that they are accessible to a wide range of learners, including those with varying levels of experience and educational backgrounds.
  • Bootcamps curriculum: We evaluated the curriculum of each bootcamp to ensure that it covers the most relevant and up-to-date ML topics and tools and equips learners for real-world applications.
  • Teaching methodologies: We considered the teaching methodologies used by each ML bootcamp, including hands-on projects, mentorship, peer collaboration, and personalized feedback, to ensure that learners receive effective and engaging instruction.
  • The Reputation of the Bootcamp: We researched the reputation of each machine learning bootcamp program in the industry, including student and alumni reviews, industry partnerships, and recognition from leading publications and organizations.
  • Instructors rating: We assessed the rating of the instructors who teach at each bootcamp, including their experience, qualifications, and teaching effectiveness, to ensure that learners receive high-quality instruction.
  • Cost: We examined each bootcamp’s cost and evaluated its value in terms of curriculum, instruction, and career support to ensure that learners get the most out of their investment.
  • Job placement: We looked at the job placement rate of each bootcamp and evaluated its effectiveness in helping learners secure relevant and fulfilling job opportunities in the machine learning industry.
  • Career support: We evaluated the career support services provided by each bootcamp, including resume and portfolio reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities, to ensure that learners receive support in advancing their careers in ML.

6 Best Online Bootcamp for Machine Learning | Detailed Review

1. World’s #1 Machine Learning Bootcamp for 2023 – SimpliLearn

machine learning bootcamp by simplilearn

To advance your career as an ML specialist, Caltech’s program in collaboration with IBM is right for you. This high-quality Machine Learning Bootcamp is suitable for advanced-level students who are interested in gaining a thorough grasp of AI-based technologies, such as NLP, Deep Learning, and Speech Recognition.

The lessons are delivered in a part-time, hybrid remote format with live online and on-demand content. The duration of the program is expected to take 6-8 months to finish, and you can expect to learn a variety of skills, including statistics, Python, types of machine learning, recommendation systems, and NLP.

What sets this best ML bootcamp apart is the hands-on experience you gain through 25+ hands-on projects across industry verticals with integrated labs. Additionally, you get an exclusive visit to Caltech’s Robotics Lab, providing a campus immersion experience. The bootcamp offers certification upon completion, including an industry-certified IBM certificate for IBM courses.

The lessons are facilitated by Dr. Rick Hefner, who serves as the Program Director for Caltech’s CTME. Dr. Hefner has over 40 years of experience in systems development and has served in academic, industrial, and research positions. It’s priced at USD 8,000 and is value for money, considering the reputation of Caltech and IBM in this field.

If you’re ready to take your data science skills to the next level, enroll today and start your journey to becoming an expert in ML!

2. Top Rated ML Bootcamps for Your Career – Computer Science Hero

machine learning bootcamp by computer science hero

Lambda School is an online bootcamp offering software engineering and data science training. It has both part-time and full-time bootcamps where students will learn computer science fundamentals and front-end and back-end tech to secure a job in a reputable tech organization after graduating.

The program offers over 900 hours of coding experience, and students will learn about topics such as Python, machine learning, data visualization, SQL, and natural language processing. The curriculum is project-based, and students will learn the skills they need to create their own responsive websites from scratch.

Lambda School provides career help to students, such as resume improvement, mock interviews, and career coaching. The school claims that 86% of its graduates land rewarding jobs within a short time after graduation. While the tuition cost is high at $30,000, several financing options are available.

We could not find instructor details for this bootcamp. However, Lambda School has an excellent reputation, meaning the learners have nothing to worry about. Upon completion, students receive a certificate that they can add to their resumes. We rate Lambda School 4 out of 5 for its curriculum, student services, and job prospects.

Enroll today in this top ML bootcamp to start your journey toward a career in tech!

3. Most Popular Machine Learning Certificate – MIT

popular machine learning certificate by mit

This bootcamp is suitable for those who are interested in improving their understanding of ML and AI, irrespective of whether they’re beginners or advanced learners. It offers a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that will equip you with the best practices needed to succeed in the AI-powered future. The program lasts for 16 days, making it time efficient.

One key strength of this program is the depth of its content. It covers ML technologies’ latest advancements and technical approaches, such as natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep learning, and algorithmic methods.

Additionally, the bootcamp offers practical exercises to gain hands-on experience in applying tech to real-world problems.

On completion of the lessons, participants will receive a certificate awarded by MIT Professional Education, which is recognized worldwide. The bootcamp has a price range of  $2,500 – $3,500 for the core bootcamps. Although it may seem expensive, it is value for money, given the quality of education and training provided.

The bootcamp is taught by leading MIT faculty experts in machine learning and AI. Regina Barzilay is a School of Engineering Distinguished Professor for AI and Health, while Tommi Jaakkola is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor.

These instructors are renowned in their fields and also teach other relevant programs.

Overall, this is an excellent bootcamp for anyone looking to build knowledge in modern technologies. Don’t hesitate to enroll and take your career to the next level!

4. Machine Learning Bootcamp for Data Science – Flatiron School


These data science lessons cater to both novices and proficient students. This 15-week program will provide you with a deep understanding of machine learning fundamentals and advanced machine learning and work on a capstone project.

The program offers practical exercises to help you gain hands-on experience. Whether you choose the full-time or part-time option, you’ll have access to group work with instructor help, paired with design sessions, and lab time with instructional staff.

You’ll also have access to pre-recorded lessons and be able to chat with classmates and instructors via Slack.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a certification.  Lindsey Berlin, Greg Damico, and Angelica Spratley are experienced and dedicated instructors.

Berlin has been teaching since 2013, Damico has been with the institution for 3+ years, and Spratley is a Senior Data Science Instructor with considerable experience in the field.

The bootcamp costs $16,900, and while this is a little on the higher side, an easy payment plan is available. If you’re ready to start your data science journey, visit Flatiron School’s website to apply today. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become an industry-ready data scientist!

5. Machine Learning Bootcamp – Springboard

machine learning bootcamp by springboard

Want to step into a thriving career in Machine Learning (ML)? You can achieve this goal easily through Springboard’s Machine Learning Bootcamp, a collaboration with the University of California San Diego Extended Studies.

This program offers an exciting opportunity for intermediate to advanced-level learners to become ML engineers.

Tailored for individuals with software engineering skills and industry exposure, this bootcamp can help you master the underlying concepts of ML and Deep Learning. The comprehensive 6-month online curriculum reflects modern learning at its best.

The curriculum guides you through ML and Deep Learning fundamentals. What truly sets this program apart is its immersive learning approach. It goes beyond theoretical study, engaging you in hands-on projects mirroring.

Your experience is enriched further by a dedicated mentor and Subject Matter Expert, Sebastian. He is a seasoned industry professional actively contributing to the field.

While gaining expertise in linear and logistical regression, anomaly detection, and data manipulation, you’ll also create, prototype, and deploy a functional application accessible via API or web service.

Additionally, after the completion of the course, you can get a certificate of completion from UCSD Extended Studies. This certification can help you showcase your skills while searching for new opportunities.

Prerequisites for the bootcamp emphasize prior experience in software engineering or data science and advanced knowledge of Python, statistics, linear algebra, and calculus. These requirements ensure an immersive and enriching experience, catering perfectly to aspiring ML engineers.

The program’s full tuition is $13,950, but you can avail of a 20% discount by paying upfront. You can also pay the total amount in 5 payments.

From its meticulously structured curriculum to dedicated mentorship and robust career coaching, the Machine Learning Bootcamp is your definitive key to unlocking a prosperous career in the ever-evolving realm of Machine Learning.

6. AI Machine Learning Bootcamp – University of Houston

machine learning bootcamp by university of houston

The AI Machine Learning Bootcamp is a game-changing six-month program designed to immerse you in the world of machine learning (ML). This bootcamp explains the fundamental concepts of ML.

The bootcamp is online so that you can master ML at your own pace. The self-paced training demands 15-25 hours per week to understand the curriculum concepts.

The topics of the bootcamp include historical context, Python and SQL programming, ML models, natural language processing (NLP), and preparation for the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Certification Exam AI-102.

The bootcamp equips you with in-demand skills, helping you to take on roles such as Machine Learning Researcher, Data Scientist, and more.

You’ll develop a deep understanding of ML definitions, correlation, regression models, NLP, and neural networks, all while gaining practical experience through projects.

Guided by industry experts, you’ll receive 10 online coaching sessions to address your queries. The program ends with a capstone project centered around autonomous cars, aligning your skills with real-world applications.

Felix Quinque, the course instructor, is a Ph.D. holder in Quantum Computing and the Co-Founder of OctoShrew, a prominent machine learning consultancy and software development firm.

The collaboration with such experts and a well-structured curriculum improve the bootcamp’s reputation as a credible and impactful training.

For those with a background in data analysis, science, mathematics, and basic programming, this bootcamp opens doors to a thrilling career in ML. This bootcamp is available for $4,275, which you can pay upfront or $208 monthly.

As ML continues to shape industries, this program’s benefits are immeasurable, presenting an opportunity to thrive in the tech world’s most sought-after domains.

FAQs – Best Machine Learning Bootcamps

How much does a Machine Learning Bootcamp cost?

The cost of ML  Bootcamps varies depending on factors such as the duration, location, and curriculum. An online machine learning bootcamp can cost between $1900 and $30,000.

How long are Machine Learning Bootcamps?

Machine Learning Bootcamps can vary in length, but most are designed to be completed in 3 to 6 months. Some Bootcamps may also offer flexible schedules and part-time options, which can extend the duration of the program.

Can I learn Machine Learning Bootcamp in 3 months?

Yes, learning the basics of ML in 3 months with intensive training and dedication is possible. However, becoming proficient in Machine Learning takes longer and requires practice and real-world experience. The duration of the bootcamp is not enough to become an expert.


The world of ML is expanding rapidly, and choosing the right bootcamp can be daunting. We have reviewed the best Machine Learning Bootcamps for 2023, using criteria such as eligibility, curriculum, teaching methodologies, reputation, and career support.

If you were wondering how to become a machine learning engineer, we have given you the answers you are looking for. We are confident that these bootcamps provide high-quality training, valuable learning experiences, and excellent career opportunities to those looking to enter the exciting field of ML.

Not only will you gain a comprehensive understanding of Machine Learning concepts and techniques, but you will also have access to real-world projects, expert instructors, and a supportive community of learners.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in tech with knowitgetit.com!